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Equipping Leaders

A Ministry of Word?

In my PhD thesis, An exploration of classical and emergent theologies of ordained / accredited Baptist ministry amongst Baptist ministers within the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) (Garland, 2022), I resolved to identify some key theological ideas surrounding the… Read More »A Ministry of Word?

Ministerial Integrity

In this article I will consider the principle of integrity in ministry and why adhering to that integrity strictly prohibits persons participating in same sex relationships from holding the office of ordained/accredited ministry within our Baptists Together network of churches. … Read More »Ministerial Integrity

A letter to my MP

This letter can be used as a template by Baptist Minister’s to personalise and send to your own local MP Dear Sir,  I am a minister of a Baptist Church. I now write to you about a matter that has… Read More »A letter to my MP