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Resources for Evangelical Baptists

A collection of resources and articles to help us grow faithfully together.


Calls to lift our eyes, our hearts and our games as Christians in the UK today

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Academic articles, papers and reflections exploring key areas of contemporary theology

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Resources examining and explaining key issues for Evangelical Baptists today

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Who we are, and why this site exists

We believe that in the days we are living in there is a need for a strong, evangelical witness. There are great challenges and opportunities, and facing those well is a vital task.

Where to start

We would recommend the book Marriage, Scripture and the Church: Theological Discernment on the Questions of Same-Sex. It is a comprehensive treatment of the debate around same-sex marriage and shows careful listening to a wide range of arguments covering all sides of the debate. You can read a full review here.


    AN OPEN LETTER TO THE TRUSTEES OF BUGB Dear sisters and brothers We are reluctantly taking the step of writing an open letter to you in response to your emails to us and to the BUGB Council members (16th April) the content of which were then circulated more widely along with a covering note from… Read…

  • Holiness – Part Four: What About Love?

    Joseph Fletcher’s book called “Situational Ethics” became a best seller in the 1960s. It was linked at points with the emergence of the so called New Morality. The “situational ethics” thesis was this: the Christian faith was not based on commandments, there was only one law-the law of love. To love God and to do… Read…

  • Holiness – Part Three: Sanctification and Sexuality

    In Holiness. Part 2 we saw there was an impasse between God’s holiness and human sin. How could this be overcome? The book of Hebrews (Chapter 10), describes how the blood of bulls and goats could not take away sins, rather it was a foreshadowing of Christ’s sacrifice for us on the cross. There he… Read…

  • Holiness: Part 2 – The Nature of God

    Holiness begins with the nature of God, for right beliefs about God are foundational and essential for everything else in the Christian life. Since God is holy He insists his people live holy lives. Sin is essentially rebellion against God and makes a person think they can improve on God’s revelation. Sin blinds in the… Read…

  • Holiness: Part One

    Overview This first article is a synopsis of the whole study on holiness. I examine holiness in four parts,namely: Each Part stands on its own, but also can be understood within the whole. SynopsisThese articles are an exploration of holiness. Holiness begins with the nature of God, forright beliefs about God are foundational and essential… Read…

  • A Ministry of Word?

    In my PhD thesis, An exploration of classical and emergent theologies of ordained / accredited Baptist ministry amongst Baptist ministers within the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) (Garland, 2022), I resolved to identify some key theological ideas surrounding the nature of ordained / accredited ministry in the BUGB and explore the relative importance of… Read…