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Resources for Evangelical Baptists

A collection of resources and articles to help us grow faithfully together.


Calls to lift our eyes, our hearts and our games as Christians in the UK today

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Academic articles, papers and reflections exploring key areas of contemporary theology

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Resources examining and explaining key issues for Evangelical Baptists today

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Who we are, and why this site exists

We believe that in the days we are living in there is a need for a strong, evangelical witness. There are great challenges and opportunities, and facing those well is a vital task.

Where to start

We would recommend the book Marriage, Scripture and the Church: Theological Discernment on the Questions of Same-Sex. It is a comprehensive treatment of the debate around same-sex marriage and shows careful listening to a wide range of arguments covering all sides of the debate. You can read a full review here.

  • Human Desire and the Will of God

    At a recent meeting of Baptists, I found myself in conversation about the issue of same-sex relationships. A friend made the case that since God had made each of us, he must have made us to desire in the way that we do. If someone is sexually attracted to people of the same sex, then… Read…

  • Judging and Judgment

    When evangelicals state that they reject homosexual practice and the possibility of same-sex marriage, they are often accused of judging others and told that this is not a Christian attitude. Didn’t Jesus himself tell us not to judge? We are pointed to his words ‘Do not judge, or you too will be judged’ in Matthew… Read…

  • A Transformation into Genuine Submission

    Some of you reading may already be bristling at the title. We do not live in a society or culture in which submission is an acceptable term. Rather we prefer: independence, self-care, individuality, surety and standing strong. It is not an idea that was either familiar or acceptable to me either. When I first became… Read…

  • Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

    The fact that I did not grow up in England means that I miss bits of cultural background information that natives receive with their mother’s milk. Examples of such gaps in my knowledge are Shakespeare and Doctor Who. Another example is the phrase in the title of this article. Over time I did pick up… Read…

  • Unashamed of the Good News?

    Evangelicals are those who are primarily defined by their association with the ‘Good News’ (Eu-angellion). The New Testament announcement of Good News can find scriptural precedent in, for instance, the words of Isaiah 52:7f where the message is essentially coupled to the act of proclamation. The image is that of an eagerly anticipated messenger running… Read…

  • An Examination of renewal in Particular Baptist life during the period 1760-1815:

    and reflection on their significance for renewal in contemporary Baptist experience.  Whilst the renewal of the Particular Baptists was indeed the ‘result of a complex matrix of factors’, this essay attempts to identify some of the more significant influences on renewal.¹  Reflection and suggested application to contemporary Baptist experience is provided prior to the conclusion.… Read…